I burned myself with a curling iron.  I’ve been using curling irons for I don’t know over 2o years.  How does this even happen?  This was not a dream that I had.  This actually happened to me.  I feel pretty dumb brandishing a burn mark on my forehead.

I have been having some unusual dreams lately.  The first one was two days ago.  It was a short simple dream.  I dreamt I got my period.  When I woke up I was (the only time I’ve ever felt this way in my life) actually disappointed.  At this point, coming off birth control, a period would mean that my cycle has started to regulate itself.  I read that it can take as long as 6 months.  I’m 36.  I feel like the last thing I have is time.  I’m sure other people feel this way too.

The second dream was last night.  I met a friend’s baby for the first time.  In real life this baby is not more than 6 months old.  In the dream he was young but talking and still strapped to his mother in a baby carrier.  In the dream, he talked to me and his mother said, “You’re the first stranger he’s taken to.”

I don’t know what these dreams mean.  Maybe they are just weird dreams and don’t mean anything.


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