But this is good news…

I think I may have some anxiety about potential hair loss.  I do have really long hair and I love my hair, but I seem to be noticing a little more of it on my hairbrush, shoulders, and clothes.  Maybe that’s acute paranoia and everything is fine.  I’ve warned the husband not to mention it lest I flip over the nearest table.

Yesterday evening as I was reclining on the bed, I noticed blood.  At first it was light red, almost pink.  That evening it disappeared.  I couldn’t sleep last night.  I googled implantation spotting.  It didn’t match the description unfortunately even though the timing was right.  (In addition, my temps had started to drop beginning yesterday.)  In the morning it had returned albeit darker in color.  I went to the bathroom more than usual today (sadly, the usual is like once during the work day), but I went three times to check on the situation.  Nothing progressed any further than that.  I’m perplexed.  I don’t think it’s implantation, but it could be working its way up to a full period.  Regardless, I think this is good news.  Either there’s a baby in there or the period is on the horizon so I can establish a regular cycle.  Then we can take this practice month and forget the practice part for this coming month.  I’ll admit the practice has been really good for me.  I thrive better with routine.  I switched to day vitamins with breakfast.  I have an alarm to take my temperature, but I rarely use it (the alarm that is).  I’ve been weening myself off the Advil PM.  I’m diligently recording everything on my chart.  My husband has started taking more vitamins and he takes them in the morning same as I do, so it’s a shared process.  We’ve built good habits with the practice month.

This morning I had my oatmeal with almond milk instead of soymilk.  This difference was negligent.  In fact, I think the almond milk was better as well as thicker.  It was an easy transition.  In other news it was cold as death today and I’m hiding under blankets with the heater cranked up.  With that I leave you, and I hope you’re in warmer climes.

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