The modern world…

Anne Boleyn is often imagined as a villainess.  Didn’t she seduce Henry away from his pious first wife Catherine of Aragon?  I see Anne Boleyn as a tragic hero and an unwilling pawn.  Anne Boleyn like Henry’s first wife lost many children and some people believe it was Henry’s fault those children never survived.  Regardless of whether or not that’s true, we all know that Henry, who tired of women so easily, is the real villain of the story.

Why am I thinking about Anne Boleyn?  Truthfully, I was thinking about ancient medicine and how I’m lucky to live in a time where there are things like ovulation predictors and apps for charting.  Don’t ever take for granted you live in the modern world.  You could be living in the 1500s with a much higher chance of miscarriage and no way of predicting when would be the best good time to try to have a baby or even worse you could be married to Henry VIII.

I started my first real chart today because the last chart was just a practice one since I had no period to start it.  Well it’s up and running now (we not really running more like lying in bed).  As of today the period is in full swing, and it’s not swinging as violently as I remember it.  So far it’s been a kinder gentler Flo.  There’s still cramping which I could do without, thanks but no thanks, but I can get out of bed and do stuff which I sometimes wasn’t able to do while experiencing pill bleeds.

I’m not devastated I got my period.  I mean I’m not dancing around either (still lying on the bed).  I may change my tune in a few months, but as of right now a period means I can chart my cycle, and we can try for real now.  Huzzah!

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