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Bad news on the Japan front.  Not my personal Japan but the country of.  The results of the 2015 census are in!  (I remember when my husband diligently filled that out.)  The census news is bad for Japan as it takes its 9th yearly consecutive population hit.  An estimated 1,008,000 babies were born in 2015 while an estimated 1,302,000 people died.  I’m sure you can do that math.  Even though the number of births increased from last year it’s still not enough, and Japan’s population continues to decline.  There are some people who say this is good, and the world’s population is too big already.  I don’t know what I believe about that, but I do strongly believe that if a couple wants children, then they should be able to have children and as many children as they want be it 1 or 7.  On the flip side, if a couple doesn’t want to have children then I support that too.  Basically I support choice.  I most certainly disagree with outdated stereotype that a woman MUST have children to know anything about anything, and I HATE when people say “wait until you have children” like birthing babies suddenly makes a woman omniscient.  But that’s a rant for another day.

My husband and I were talking last night.  He wants 3 children.  I’ve known that for some time, but I was shocked when I first heard it.  If all goes according to plan with getting pregnant this year (fingers crossed) and spacing kids 2 years apart that means I’d have my last child at 40 or older.  That was not in my original plan.  My plan was for 2 children, but if I could have even 1 child, I would feel incredibly grateful.  However, we’ll try for 3 and see how that works out.  Who knows maybe there are twins in our future!  Meanwhile, let’s not get ahead of ourselves; I’d like to focus on the first one first.

The good news is the period is over.  At just five days, it wasn’t so bad at all, and I lived through the experience though to be fair I did whine a lot.  The bad news is that I don’t have another period to know how long my cycles are.  Regardless, that’s not going to stop us from trying.  I’ll just keep taking my temperature and monitoring other impending signs of fertility.

Finally, I had tons of stress about this process but charting and writing this blog has really helped me calm down.  I’m glad I did.

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