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All these books…

Did you know that you can’t get crackers in Japan?  I mean sure there are saltines and Ritz (the only time Ritz crackers are good is when they are miniature and filled with cheese) and of course rice crackers, but there are no delicious crackers like Cheez-Its, Wheat Thins, or Triscuits here.  So when I found Ancient Grains crackers at Costco, I was overjoyed, only to find out not too long after my Japanese husband has eaten most of the box.  Maybe take note Japan!  Maybe Japanese people would love some delicious crackers!

So in other non-cracker related news, I’m about 30% of the way through Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  I love reading these books.  I am really learning a lot.  However, the problem with all these books is the “What Could Possibly Be Wrong” (paraphrasing obvi) with you section.  All books like this have them.  I mean for cryin’ out loud!  I’m 36 and trying to have a baby.  Don’t I have enough to worry about?!?!  I don’t need you throwing in the “What’s Your Problem” section.  God forbid some hypochondriac reads these books.  She’d walk out of there thinking everything is wrong with her.

Jokes aside, I HAVE to believe that I am in good health.  My annuals have never said otherwise.  For my own sanity, I HAVE to believe nothing is wrong with me.  Who knows if they test the same here.  I’d probably get laughed out of the doctor’s office for being 36 and trying to have a baby in Japan in the first place.  Oh interestingly enough I just looked that up.  Apparently, the average age for women at first birth in Japan is 30 compared to 25 in America.  Ah, the things one learns when writing a fertility blog.  Well, maybe I wouldn’t get laughed out of the office.  I’m certain we can thank the declining birthrate for that.

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