I have an addiction to cheese.  Well, addiction is too strong a word.  I really love cheese a lot and it just so happened I moved to the land of not cheese.  Japan is not a cheese friendly country.  Due to extensive research, however, I have been able to find places to buy good cheese.  Let me know if you need a recommendation.

So I’m here today to talk about my recent worries.  Recently I’m worried about my husband.  I’m afraid he might have real fears about having a baby that he’s not verbalizing to me because he’s Japanese, and Japanese people aren’t always keen to talk about their feelings. Of course, he says he wants children, so I’m wondering what he’s feeling right now.

Unrelated but something you might be interested in is that Japan doesn’t really do mental health help.  This is why there are so many suicides here.  It’s sad, and I wonder how many of those people who killed themselves could have just used someone to talk to.

My husband isn’t suicidal thank goodness, but I think he might bottle.  I bottle.  You bottle.  We all bottle.  However, I have this blog to help me get out my feelings, but he doesn’t have an outlet.  Sometimes his feelings just compound, and there are no place for them to go.  Of course, I may be in left field here.  This is just my perception of the situation.

A word to the wise if ever you see someone in a tough spot or going through something don’t offer them advice.  Don’t try to fix their problem.  Ask them three questions:

  1. How can I help?
  2. What can I do?
  3. What will make you feel better?

They might not be able to answer the first two questions, but they can probably answer the last one.  Maybe that person needs a hug.  Maybe that person just wants you to sit with them.  Whatever that person needs, give it to them at that moment (if it’s within your power, of course).

Hopefully, I can talk to him tonight and try to help assuage his fears and gain more insight into the situation.

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