I have got to get out of this house.  I’ve got to go to Daiso!  Distractions for hours (at least two to be exact).  If you’re wondering about Daiso it’s the American equivalent to the dollar store.  However, it’s worlds better than any dollar store I’ve ever been in.  They’re quite ghetto in my hometown.

So why am I flipping my shit?  I got some egg white cervical mucus today.  It’s only a little, but it’s stretchy as hell.  I need to get out of the house because it’s my day off, and I’ve noting to distract me, and I need to wait a couple hours before I can take an ovulation test.  Meanwhile, all this is making me insane and my husband’s no where to be found (well because he’s at work).  My heart is racing!

In other news the talk last night went well.  He spoke to a coworker yesterday who had recently had a baby, and she told him all about the unimaginable joys of being a parent.  When he told me this, I cried.  I mean, I literally cry all the time so this is no surprise.

All right, I’m going to walk the dog and then throw a million other distractions in my face for the next couple hours.

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