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Valentine’s Day is coming up so I spent the better part of the day making sweets and heart shaped sushi and wrapping presents for my husband.  In Japan, Valentine’s Day is different.  Girls give boys presents (usually with homemade chocolate in the mix).  Boys do nothing.  Boys do nothing until White Day when he reciprocates for the girl with a gift 2 to 3 times more expensive than the girl’s gift to him.  (Isn’t that romantic!  That was sarcasm by the way.)  White Day is a month later.  While I much prefer one day to celebrate our love, having two isn’t so bad.  We’ve done both Valentine’s Day and White Day (in true Japanese style) since we’ve been together.

On the CM front things are not looking at all like egg whites.  I wonder when that’s coming.  Ovulation predictor came up negative as it was a little lighter in one spot but mostly the shame shade as the control line.  I hope it darkens soon.

Today I’m going to talk about the supplements I’m taking and why I take them.  I am not a doctor, so I’m not giving you medical advice.  This is just a list of what’s on MY plate.  Please consult your OBGYN before adding supplements to your diet.


One-A Day Prenatals: This is your catch all prenatal vitamin.  It has loads of folic acid and 100% of everything except calcium & magnesium.  Folic acid decreases the chances of spina bifida in developing fetuses.

CoQ10:  This has been shown to improve egg quality.

Calcium/Magnesium: Magnesium is considered the period wonder drug.  See Period Repair Manual for that.  About 4 days after I started magnesium, I got my period which had not shown its face for over a month after coming off birth control.  Calcium is important because a developing baby needs calcium.  Fun fact: Magnesium also helps prevent swollen feet and ankles due to flying.

DHEA: Improves ovarian reserve and decreases the potential for miscarriage as well as abnormal embryos.

Royal Jelly: Basically Royal Jelly is queen bee food.  It’s the only thing that bomb ass queen bee eats.  If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me.  Royal Jelly has been shown to improve egg health and help balance hormones.

Fish Oil: My husband started me taking this high quality prescription strength Japanese fish oil after my cholesterol test came back slightly high (based on Japanese standards).  Fish oil can help decrease premature births and supports fetal brain development.  During pregnancy fish oil can help prevent pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes in mothers.  After pregnancy fish oil can help prevent post-partum depression.  Basically, fish oil is a miracle.

Additionally, I have three supplements on standby if need be.  I have not started taking these yet.

Evening Primrose Oil: You’re only supposed to take EPO from days 1-14 of your cycle (numbers based on a typical 28 day cycle).  Since I am currently at day 11 and I don’t know how long my cycles are, I haven’t started taking this yet.  EPO has shown to increase fertile cervical mucus.  It can also help balance hormones and ease PMS symptoms.

Vitex: For women recently coming of birth control Vitex is not recommended which is why I’m not taking it yet.  I have it just in case I need it since it takes about a week for my supplements to arrive which is the same reason I bough EPO.  Basically Vitex can fix whatever is wrong with you.  It helps lengthen the luteal phase which helps keep you pregnant.  Vitex increases LH which increases progesterone.  It can help treat endometriosis and could help prevent miscarriage.  It can help fix and stabilize periods.  Vitex should only be used for 3-6 months.

Maca: I just picked this up at Daiso.  (For real right?  Man that store has everything.)  Maca helps support easier ovulation and helps get cycles regular.  Also, Maca helps increase energy which is why I haven’t taken it today.

Finally, not a supplement but I drink Raspberry Leaf Tea.  Raspberry leaf tea tones uterine muscles, can potentially prevent miscarriages, and decrease heavy bleeding during periods.

Supplements for the Husband

Zinc: Has been shown to increase sperm count and motility.

Vitamin C: Helps prevent sperm from sticking together.  Sounds made up doesn’t it?

Selenium: Has been shown to improve sperm motility and morphology (normal looking sperm).

Fish Oil: Improves sperm quality.

As you can see my supplement intake is much greater than my husbands.  Isn’t this always the case (women bearing the greatest burden).  It’s the same with fertility.  Men remain fertile indefinitely while a woman’s window is much much smaller.  You know what though, I don’t care if I have to take more pills than he does.  (I mean I don’t HAVE to, clearly it’s my choice.)  It doesn’t bother me because if these can help me get pregnant and carry a baby successfully to term than they are no problem in my book.



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