The funeral is this Saturday.  Unfortunately, I can’t go back on such short notice so I told my mom I’d come in March and spend some time with her.  I don’t operate well under “fly by the seat of your pants” conditions.  I work better when there’s a solid plan in place.  I’d be foolish to think that life always works that way and sometimes you just got to roll with the punches, but this is not one of those times.  Tickets are booked and I’ll be flying back near the end of March.

The end of this month could relocate us to a different area of Japan.  Transfers at my husband’s work occur twice a year and even though we lucked out on the previous round of transfers there’s still one in March (announced end of the month) that could uproot us.  Though this is very stressful for me (see above), my husband is taking this in stride.  Perhaps because this has been his experience with the company for the past ten years.  March could be a very stressful month for us.

In other more positive news my chart is looking pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  One girl said it’s a “textbook rise”.  The two questionable temps are due to alcohol consumption and not 3 hours of sleep.


The only thing that looks concerning on here is the CM.  I didn’t have very much EWCM this time around.  We did use Pre-Seed so hopefully that helped his swimmers get to where they needed to go.  My temperature today confirmed that ovulation did in fact happen.  This is tremendous news!  After reading all these books and hearing about potential problems I was so worried I might have one.  As it stands right now my cycle went back to normal (rather quickly I might add, thanks magnesium!) and everything is looking up and up (literally).  What a relief!  (Especially considering the length of time I was on birth control.  Seriously, I cannot recommend Period Repair Manual enough!)

I’ve got a lot of work to do today, so I’m signing off.  I’m so happy things are going well with my cycle.  Even if we don’t conceive this cycle, I am overjoyed things are back to normal and hopeful that we’ll have many more chances in the future.

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