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Day 10…

Today is Day 10 of my LP.  My temperature this morning was bad news.  It took a dramatic dive right back into the period temp range.  This means some glorious things.  First, it means I’m going to start my period soon.  Yay!  (Sarcasm.)  Second it means I quite possibly have a LP defect.  Perhaps I haven’t always had this.  Perhaps I have, and the first time I got pregnant I was lucky.  Who knows?

I read that causes of LP defect can be low progesterone or dietary problems (as in not getting enough nutrition).  Perhaps that could be the case.  Whatever the case may be I’ve been reading up on how the lengthen my LP.  First, I could take Vitex, and I have it but I am really putting that as a dead last resort.  Why?  I’m just scared.  I heard it doesn’t sit well with some women.  The route I chose to go at this time is the B6 route.  It says that B6 has been used to treat LP defect by clinicians.  I’m sold.  I ordered a bottle from Amazon to tide me over until the web order gets here.  B6 is recommended as a graduated dosage, so this means I’ll start out with 60mg and next month 100mg and finally 200mg.  More than 200mg is not recommended.  The good thing about B6 is that women notice results right away (within the first month of taking it) whereas Vitex can take up to 3 months to work.  I found two awesome websites on the LP.  This one is scientific and super cool, and this one breaks it down quite simply.  If you have a LP defect, check them out.

Another thing I learned from charting (that I would not have known had I not been charting) is that I have low EWCM.  Now, this has not always been the case.  I had gobs of it when I was younger, so perhaps it’s a side effect of the birth control.  Regardless, this (like short LP) is easy to correct, so in the first half of my next cycle I’ll be taking Evening Primrose Oil.  We’ll hope to see some changes soon.  It’s funny the reason some people have low EWCM is low progesterone.  Combined with that and LP defect this might be my problem.

If we’re being totally honest here (and it’s my blog so I can do that), I am a little disappointed.  It didn’t help that I saw about 100 babies today, but more than that I kind of wanted to brag to people that I got pregnant as soon as I stopped birth control, and even more than that I wanted to meet our baby (who seems to be, even in the embryonic state, a little stubborn like its parents).  But I’m trying to be positive and hopeful.  I ovulated.  Hooray!  First hurdle cleared.  Now to tackle these next two hurdles.

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