I just took a nap, and I feel much worse than I did before I napped.  That’s not right.  That’s not supposed to happen.  You’re supposed to feel refreshed and spry not hungover and even more tired than before.  In other news I’ve managed to not get the flu, despite my husband having it which is super lucky since I get sick a lot (or used to, perhaps the vitamins are helping).

Welcome back period.  I’d say I missed you but that’s not at all true.  One thing I learned is that I have incredible lower back pain whilst on my period.  I whine about it constantly.  Today, I also had a headache all damn day.  I think the headache has dissipated but the back pain is still there and still quite awful.  Joyful womanhood.

Today I want to talk about a real joy, the joy of charting.  I’m being serious here.  WHY ISN’T EVERY WOMAN DOING THIS?!?!  There are some things I learned from charting that I would never have known otherwise.

  1. I ovulate.  This is first and foremost the most critical piece of information I gleaned from charting.  After all, if you don’t ovulate, it can be hard to have a baby.
  2. I can tell you (in case you’re curious) the exact day my period will start.  THE EXACT DAY.  I maintained high temps throughout my LP and then they took a dive.  My periods started the next day like I said it would.
  3. I noticed I have a serious lack of EWCM.  This can be corrected which I’m attempting to do at the moment with Evening Primrose Oil.
  4. I also have a LP defect.  My luteal phase clocks in at 10 days.  While 10 days is not the worst that can happen (the worst is shorter than 10 days), I’d like it to be at least 12 days.  Let’s see if B6 can help that.

All this I learned from 1 month of charting (only 1 month).  I am astonished that I could learn so much about me just by adding a few simple things to my routine.  Some women have said that temping is stressful.  I have to wholeheartedly disagree.  It takes less than 5 minutes and I can immediately go back to sleep after I do it.  I don’t even need to log my temperature because my thermometer stores the temp until I put it away.  Even if I do accidentally put it away, I can open it back up and my previous temperature will still be stored there.  This is the least stressful thing I have to do on any given day.  I’d say checking CM is more stressful because of the manner in which it has to be done, but honestly, nothing about this whole process has been so awful I’d wanna quit doing it.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind doing this until menopause.


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