Happy glorious Sunday!  Sundays mean no work and precious time spent with my husband.  He’s recovered from his bout of influenza, so we went out to eat and used our free movie tickets.  On the way we bought bus tickets for a mini getaway to celebrate our (dating) anniversary (3 years!), and I got the rest of his Valentine’s present, tickets to Disneyland.

All in all it was a nice day out with the man especially since we’ve been cooped up inside for what seems like forever.  The only complaint I have…babies everywhere!  I told my husband at one point that I was just gonna cry.  I couldn’t handle seeing SO MANY BABIES.  I managed to keep it together though.  However, at one point we saw a family with five small children (a rarity in Japan)!  One time we saw a family with a surprising four children, but this was the first time I’d ever seen five.  Later I saw a baby with the biggest eyes.  He smiled at me.  My heart melted a little.  It was tough.  I’m not gonna lie.  It was tough out there today on this family packed day.

In other news, my period is finished.  This one clocked in at about 3.5 days about the same as my last one.  Thank you magnesium!  That means soon we can get going on TTC again.  Hopefully, thanks to B6 I’ll be looking at a longer LP this cycle.  Finger crossed for that one.  I’m hoping I’ll also see some better EWCM thanks to Evening Primrose Oil.  Meanwhile if people could stop shoving babies (not literally), pregnant bellies (again not literally), pregnancy announcements in my face that’d be great.

Here we go again!  Second cycle TTC!  Let’s do this!

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