Chrissy Teigen…

I want to talk for a minute about Chrissy Teigen.  I like her.  She doesn’t have time for your bullshit about anything.  Recently Teigen came under fire because she and husband John Legend achieved her pregnancy via IVF and with IVF embryo selection comes gender selection.  Now first of all, before that I didn’t know that you’re afforded choice if you do IVF.  Frankly, I don’t know much about IVF (and to be honest I hope I never have to learn), but when I told this to my husband, he said the same thing I did which was “cool”.

I feel bad for celebrities sometimes.  Everything they do is scrutinized.  I don’t have a problem with what Teigen and Legend did.  You shouldn’t either.  Why?  How does it affect your life?  How does calling Teigen names and saying generally horrible things about what what they’re going through enrich your life?  Does it make you feel better about your horrible choices?  I think many people like to judge what they don’t understand.  This is silly.  Also, how dare anyone attack a woman with fertility problems (disgusted with humans after reading some things they said to Teigen).  I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it with my last dying breath: a woman should have a choice.  It’s her choice if she wants to have kids or not.  If she wants to use awesome modern technology at her disposal then by all means she has that right.  Frankly, TTC is stressful enough.  I can’t even imagine the heartbreak of infertility (and I hope I never have to).

The bottom line is this Teigen and Legend look blissfully happy about their lives together in general and also about the baby they chose to bring into this world.  Whatever some internet troll sitting under his or her proverbial bridge says isn’t going to change their happiness.  I for one am happy for Teigen and Legend.  They overcame infertility.  That’s an amazing and awe-inspiring feat.  Congratulations you two!  You deserve your happiness.

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