I’m hoping…

My chart is freaking me out a little to be honest.  Last cycle I had ovulated by now.  I ovulated on CD13 and my temp shift was CD14.  Now in this cycle I’m on CD14.  I know that’s no reason to go crazy but a couple of things are worrying me.  First, despite taking Evening Primrose Oil, I’ve not noticed a dramatic difference in my cervical mucus.  There were some small patches of EWCM but not earth shattering amounts.  The next thing that’s bothering me is that I’ve not had one positive OPK yet.  Last cycle I had two.  It could just be my timing is off.  It could be that my urine is diluted by drinking too much water.  I know that OPK aren’t the MOST reliable things but I was hoping since they worked so well last cycle that they’d work again this cycle.  I’m hoping all this is my body still adjusting to being off birth control.  I’m hoping.  The pattern of my chart temperature lines look almost the same as last cycle.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that my cervix isn’t open yet.  Today is was super high and I could barely feel anything.  I’m hoping all this is nothing to panic about but I was hoping last cycle would have given me something to compare it to.  The thing I’ve done different besides adding EPO is taking B6.  I hope that didn’t mess anything up.  The good news is that my chart doesn’t look anovulatory and like I said it looks like my last cycle.  Also, I’ve been having cramping which is comparable to what I experienced around ovulation last cycle.

The other thing that might have affected my cycle is stress.  Last week was super stressful and this week is almost equally so.  I’m hoping stress hasn’t altered my cycle in any way.  So what happens is I become really stressed about my cycle too.  It’s a vicious never ending circle at the moment.  Please stop!

Please please come on ovulation!  I’m begging you.  I’m hoping it happens in the next couple days.  Please cross all crossables for me!


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