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When I stopped taking birth control…

I’ve been off birth control pills for a little over two months now.  The main myth surrounding birth control is that women can get pregnant so easily, and so it’s needed to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Additionally, many teen girls are put on birth control to regulate their periods which may start off irregularly.  As in my case, my period lasted for a month when I first got it.  Truthfully, that’s really scary for a teenage girl who knows next to nothing.  So when the doctor waved magical pills in my face as a panacea, I gladly took them without hesitation.  I wish I had known at that time that the things that needed to be fixed could easily be fixed without those pill.  Nonetheless, I was a stupid teenager and stupid young adult.

Here’s a look at what did and didn’t happen when I stopped taking birth control.

What didn’t happen:

  • I didn’t lose all my hair.  (Thank the PTB there!)
  • I didn’t immediately get pregnant (unfortunately not this time).
  • I didn’t have a period that lasted for a month.
  • I didn’t have the same kind of cramps I had whilst on the pill (read: crippling).

What did happen:

  • I had more noticeable pimples occuring more frequently. (I’m not recommending this to anyone, but it is awesome to go through your teenage years with hardly any breakouts ever.  That’s the main positive of BCP.)
  • My hair became greasier.  (I never have had greasy hair.  Ever.  Before stopping BCP, I used to wash my hair every other day.  Now I’m finding it needs to be washed every day or it’s just weighed down with grease, and I can’t do anything with it.)
  • Increased libido.

So yeah that’s it.  Two negative things (as far as I can tell) and one positive.  Not bad if you ask me.  There’s the case for stopping (or not even starting) BCP if I ever heard one.  Overall, I just feel so much better without them.  I don’t know.  Maybe they just left me feeling zombified.  Now I’m just me, the real me.  Maybe that sounds cheesy and overly sentimental but that’s just how I feel.

In other more exciting news, I got my first positive OPK this cycle.  I almost cried with relief.  My temp was high today but that might have been due to poor sleep as Thursdays are difficult nights for me.  Last cycle my temp jumped within two days of a positive OPK, so I hope the same thing happens or sooner would be best!


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