On sleep…

It’s almost 9AM.  I am sitting here typing this blog.  I’d rather still be sleeping.  I’m exhausted.  Over the years I’ve had problems sleeping.  I took Excedrin PM for a while, developed a resistance to it, and finally quite taking it.  Some time later I started taking Advil PM.  Recently (within the last month or so) I’ve stopped taking the Advil PM and switched to Melatonin.  It’s best I think to quit the harder OTC meds while TTC because if and when I do get pregnant, I shouldn’t be taking those medicines anyway.

Yesterday, my husband left the city and went to his hometown for his friend’s wedding, so I had the bed to myself which is not as nice as it sounds.  Despite him being a total bed hog, I can’t sleep well when he’s not here.  So I slept in one or two hour increments.

Additionally, I got to talking to an old friend last night and was so interested in the conversation, I wanted to talk more and more and the hour wore on until it was after 1AM.  This was a poor choice I know but I’m glad I talked with her.

So back to TTC news, this lack of sleep is bad because my temperature spiked two days ago and I needed this third day to confirm a temp shift.  Well, I screwed that up didn’t I?  Now I have to wait until tomorrow morning to confirm if, in fact, I did ovulate.  Crap.

Now I’m completely useless today which I guess is okay because it’s Sunday.  Tonight my husband comes home and normalcy is restored.  The waiting game is by far the worst part of this TTC business.

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