The weather is just terrible this week.  It’s rainy and then it’s cloudy and then rainy again.  It’s warm and then cold again.  Spring needs to just figure it out already.  Also, we’re supposed to go to Disneyland on Sunday and the weather looks like proper crap.  I really hope it goes away so we can have a happy and dry time.

Last night after discussing acupuncture (more on that later) my husband said he wanted to get a sperm analysis.  I almost dropped my toothbrush, so I could hug him.  I had never asked him before because he has always said, “I’m fine.”  For all you noobs TTC out there a SA is the cheapest and easiest fertility test out there.  Here in Japan it costs ¥1200 or $15.  I’m happy he decided to do this, but to tell you the truth I’m also a little scared.  Now there are many what ifs running around in my head.

What if he’s fine?
But what if something’s wrong with me?
What if there’s something wrong with him?
What if nothing’s wrong with him or me but we still have trouble TTC?

Don’t get me wrong.  I hope he’s fine.  I also hope I’m fine.  I want us both to be fine and able to have healthy babies.  Meanwhile, I’m on pins and needles until we know more.

Speaking of pins and needles, I looked into acupuncture yesterday.  I’m not really keen on sticking needles into my body, but over there on Kindara a lot of women swear by it.  Fortunately, I found an English speaking clinic.  (I love Tokyo for that.)  Anyway, I haven’t made an appointment yet, so if any of you have any stories about it, please share them.


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