March Madness…

Well the Ides of March are incoming to a close and so is March Madness.  This can only mean one thing in the TTC world, BFPs!  And lots of them.  By my count 4 people on Kindara whose charts I watch have fallen pregnant this month alone.  That’s not counting the people I don’t follow.  While I am happy for them, of course, there’s still a deep longing in me.

Well, I guess now you’re wondering what about me?  (Since this is my blog.)  Did I get my BFP?  The answer is…no, I did not.  I’m currently suffering through period pain which just makes me shuffle around the house and whine.  Speaking of wine…

I haven’t started crying yet.  Maybe that’s good.  Maybe I’ve become stronger and I’ve learned that this process just takes time.  Maybe I’m still comfortably numb after dealing with the acupuncture director dick.  Whatever I’m feeling right now, I can’t put a name on it.  I’ve got a lot of other things on my mind and I’m suffering through cramps so I just don’t have time to sit and cry about it not working out for me this month when others were successful.  We’ll try again next cycle.


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