I try to go back to America once a year.  This allows me to see my recently distant friends and my family as well as do my part to stimulate the American economy by spending money on stuff I can’t buy in Japan.  It’s usually stuff like Cheez-its (and other various crackers), Luna bars, an offensive amount of patterns, oatmeal, and clothes that actually fit me.  My trips happen around Christmas because Christmas in Japan sucks.  In Japan it’s not a family holiday.  It’s a couples holiday.  People go on dates, see illuminations, and eat KFC (not kidding about that really).  My memories of Christmas are being surrounded by family members eating meals and sitting under the Christmas tree opening presents together.  That’s not Christmas in Japan.  However, we can make it that way.  We just need our own family to make these traditions our own in Japan.  Here’s hoping we can.

Anyway, my normal trip was bumped up to now because my grandma died.  I’ve just been spending time with my mom, my sister and my niece.  Later today, we’re going to see Grandpa and my grandmother’s grave.

It’s a little after 5AM now.  I’ve been up since 3AM.  I can’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time so of course I can’t temp which is making me a little crazy.  I only just finished my period so it’s not really a crucial time but still.  I keep hoping I’ll sleep three hours but it always ends up being only two.  I want to go back home and return to normalcy.  Also, I can never sleep well without my husband.  I’ve always had sleep problems but it’s like he cured them somehow and I sleep better next to him.  I miss him.

I have, however, used this trip to stock up on TTC supplies that I can’t get in Japan.

2016-03-22 04.49.18

Of course we have pregnancy tests in Japan but we don’t have early pregnancy tests.  These, of course, can make the TWW a little more bearable.  I am able to get Pre-Seed in Japan on Amazon but it’s more than double the price.  I do have cheapo OPK but I want to use the Clear Blues as an added confirmation.

Also, we hit up the local Sprouts to raid their vitamin section.

2016-03-22 04.50.03

I actually found out about Rainbow Light on iHerb and had planned on buying just the regular version, but then I saw the 35+.  My sister thought I needed that which she pointed out.  She didn’t ask if we were TTC and I didn’t offer that information either.  Holy shit those vitamins are expensive.  However, Sprouts has a vitamin discount if you buy an offensive amount of vitamins there just FYI.  I also found a B12 spray and a Cal/Mag liquid. (Anything to take less pills right?)

That’s all the news that’s fit to print about America at the moment.  I’m gonna try to go back to sleep.  I’ve at least got to try.

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