Why can’t I have normal experiences?  Or maybe I do.  Maybe these are normal TTC experiences.  I don’t know.  This is my first time doing this.

Today, (my last full day in the US) Mom and I went for a massage.  During the consult, I asked about the possibility of fertility massage.  The massage therapist said that they didn’t do anything like that, but that regular massages would help relax me.  She also said that I should relax and not think about it and then I’ll get pregnant.  “It always works that way,” she said.  First of all, I didn’t realize that she was an expert on fertility.  Secondly, no, I will not.  I refuse to be one of those stereotypical couples who “just stopped thinking about trying to get pregnant and BOOM!  Immediately pregnant!”  I don’t think the universe works that way.  Can you imagine?

Powers that Be: Hmmm, it looks like Bob and Sue are not thinking about pregnancy right now.  Let’s make them pregnant!

Bob: It’s a good thing we weren’t thinking about getting pregnant!

PTB: Mary and Sam are planning intercourse perfectly.  Let’s make sure they don’t get pregnant.

Mary: …

See how ridiculous that sounds.  Granted the universe doesn’t make any sense a lot of the time but I can’t accept that couples who plan it out don’t ever get pregnant.  Especially, after March Madness on Kindara.  (Add another woman to that count.)

In other news I’m tired, so tired.  I want to see my husband.  I want to go home.  I want to sleep.  In that order.

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