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Shrine visit…

Today the weather was not proper crap, and I was feeling a little better after coming back from The States, so we headed out to do some sightseeing.  We visited Hikawa Shrine which is a beautiful peaceful place.

In Japan shrines are for weddings, blessing babies, and prayers.  There were plenty of all three going on today.  After saying paying our respects, we purchased 絵馬 (ema).  絵馬 are small pieces of wood with a picture on one side while the other side is blank.  On the blank side, you’re free to write your prayers or wishes.  Some 絵馬 have specific pictures for specific wishes and after you purchase them, they are blessed.  Then, you write your wishes.  Here’s an example of some nice 絵馬:


Once you’ve written your wishes, you hang them up.

I’m sure you know what our wish was for, but in case you’re new here:


Here’s my husband hanging it:

As you can see on the right, this 絵馬 is specific for people who wish to have children.

This was such a happy day, but as we were walking, I saw a few 絵馬 which were like ours people wishing for a baby (one even wished for a girl).  I got a little teary whilst in there, and after as we were walking and looking at the sakura, I just lost it.  Of course, my husband wanted to know why I was crying and hugging him so tightly.

I said, “I just hope those women get their wishes [for babies] because I know how they feel.”

“I’m sure they did,” he said.

TTC is so hard you guys.  I am literally a bag of emotions, and I swear I hope no leaves blow by me lest I start crying.

We also got to fish for fortunes:


These fortunes are for good luck, but they also had fortunes for love.  I have my love.  I just need a little luck.  My overall fortune was just okay (at least it wasn’t bad), but the part about babies said that I would have no trouble at all having a baby.  It was very strong wording.  I really hope it’s right.  My husband’s fortune said he could also have babies.  This is good news from the fortune world.  This week he visits the medical world for a SA.  Let’s hope that fortune was damn right or else I’m going to worry about my fortune being wrong as well.  Like I need one more thing to worry about.

Nonetheless, today was a happy and peaceful day, and I’m glad I got to spend it with my husband after being away from him for 5 days.

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