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On the train…

Mostly trains in Japan are pretty easy to ride in.  Of course, like the freeway during rush hours, train can be pretty jam packed.  You can watch this video for a very accurate view of trains during rush hour.  Granted not ALL trains are like this, and they are only this bad on certain lines at certain times.  Most JR trains are a little crowded during the day and most subway trains are pretty open during the day.

Yesterday morning I was on a very crowded subway train.  During my first train of the day I kept getting pushed more and more toward the center of the train (the worst place to be on a crowded train).  Suddenly I couldn’t breathe.  The air is hot and stale in crowded trains.  I was wavering back and forth.  I shoved my way out of there two stops before mine.  (Of course, this would make me late to my destination but at that point I only cared about not dying.)  Once on the platform, I huddled against the wall and tried to breathe.  A kind lady asked if I was okay.  I was okay, I told her and thank you.  I don’t know how to say, “Crowded trains suck ass and I didn’t want to be in there because I couldn’t breathe” in Japanese.  Once the next train came there were plenty of seats.  WTF?  What a difference four minutes makes.  I got to where I was going, took a bathroom break, and noticed I was ridiculously pale.  After walking outside in the sunshine, I felt worlds better.  This has happened to me once before, but I had been drinking.  It could have been a mixture of anxiety and low blood sugar.  I wish I could ride my bike everywhere and didn’t have to be sardined into trains.  Maybe if I lived in a smaller town.

Later when I met my friend for lunch and told her what had happened, she said, “You could be pregnant.”

“I’m not pregnant,” I said.

“Are you sure?”

“I JUST had my period,” I answered.  This isn’t exactly true.  I had my period (not just) almost 10 days ago.  I didn’t tell her I was charting religiously and had taken a preggo test prior to my last period.  This is how I’m sure I’m not pregnant, but telling someone you had your period recently is a sure fire way to get them to let up.  She insisted for a short time after that one could have a period and still be pregnant and then she left it alone.  Thankfully.  I wasn’t feeling so well (obvi) and didn’t want to spill everything about TTC at that moment.  Actually, I don’t want to talk TTC with anyone ever (except you know those who are in the same boat and I mean you lovely ladies of Kindara).

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to marathon the heck out of “Sherlock”.

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