I can’t even…

Today I can’t even.  Another pregnancy announcement on FB (unplanned and she’s like 22, double slap in the face) and ANOTHER BFP on Kindara.  While out and about this morning I was assaulted by SO MANY BABIES and so many preggos that I CAN’T EVEN!  I’m even angrily typing this and making so many typos in the process.

My husband had his SA today but we don’t get the results for another week.  Meanwhile, I’ve started having EWCM but no positive OPK yet.  I’m worried we are gonna miss this opportunity like we missed last month’s.  I can’t even hold it together.  I just want to sit here and cry.  How do women do this month after month and still not become pregnant?  How do they stay strong and hopeful?  What if I can’t remain strong and hopeful?  I’m so worried about this SA.  I hope everything will be all right.  I guess even if it’s bad news, we will know more than before and be able to decide how to proceed.  Please please please come back okay.

I can’t see anymore preggos, anymore babies, or anymore BFPs today.  Please internet (and real life) just leave me alone.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this came up on my FB today:

2016-03-31 07.30.45

It was shared a couple times but it’s not been mass shared as far as I can see.  Sometimes FB does good.  I have noticed that some people think it’s funny to post “I’m pregnant!” on April Fool’s Day.  I think this can be filed under “dumb shit to say”.  Along with “When are you gonna have kids?”  Why do people think hurtful jokes are funny?  It’s not funny to toy with the emotions of your family and friends.  It’s not funny to toy with those TTC who are trying their hardest silently waiting for their real BFP.  Think before the stupidity oozes out.  This has been a public service announcement.

So done today.

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