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The baby parade…

When you’re TTC I recommend you not go to the mall on a Saturday and sit near the elevator.

The husband and I took our bi-monthly trip to Costco.  Next to our preferred Costco, there is a big mall.  After Costco, he said he wanted to go in the mall.  Upon entering, we walked up toward the bathrooms because he had to go.  I didn’t, so I opted to wait.  There was only one small bench and a mother had occupied half of it so I took the other half.  Her little girl was in the stroller in front of her.  She was so happy and animated, and she kept smiling at me and reaching for me.  We all thought that was funny.

This experience for me was fine.  I thought it was cute, and at that moment, I was OK.  However, I soon noticed I was sitting right by the elevator, and aside from elderly or handicapped people, who needs the elevator the most?  That’s right.  You guessed it.  Parents.  It was an f-ing BABY PARADE.  It’s hard to believe Japan has a population problem when you’re watching a BABY PARADE.  I swear it was never ending.  And finally…I lost it.  Big squishy tears.

When my husband came out of the bathroom, he was like, “Why are you crying?”  After denying tears, he noticed, in addition to my tears, the baby parade.  He said he didn’t understand why I was crying about all the babies.  Later in the car, he wanted to try to understand.

“We have much time to have a baby,” he said.

I know but I explained I’m still worried.  There could be something wrong with his sperm.  There could be many unforeseen problems with me.  There could be nothing wrong, unexplained infertility.

“I’m fine.  You’re fine.  We can have a baby.”

He’s really good at comforting me.  It’s just one of the many many reasons I love him so much.

Anyway, the moral of the story, stay away from mall elevators whilst TTC.

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