Some daily affirmations…

Today was not a bad day.  My husband and I cuddled in bed this morning after eating pancakes.  We walked to the supermarket and bought some things to make some delicious food with.  We ate curry for lunch and relaxed.  It was a normal boring (in a good way) Sunday.  Today was not a bad day.

Today did have a bad moment though.  A moment of fighting about the paper shredder which suddenly turned in to big gasping sobs about stress and TTC.  I spit out worries and fears that I might not be able to get pregnant within hours of saying “I feel pretty hopeful.”  Why does it feel like this?  How can I go from positive, happy, and full of hope to crying in a pit of despair within the span of a few hours?  But it was not a bad day.

In truth I am feeling pretty confident.  We timed everything exactly at ovulation this cycle and my temp shot up this morning as expected.  Much better than last cycle in my opinion.  Well, two weeks will tell.  I am curious to see what my LP looks like this cycle though I hope it’s really long because I’m pregnant.

I must keep telling myself, small doses of stress can’t hurt.  It’s extended periods of stress that can hurt.  The rest of the day is mapped out to be peaceful and relaxing.  We’re watching Jurassic World and my husband is cooking me dinner, and his cooking is so good that it always makes me happy.  Also, figure skating is on tonight, and that’s one thing I really love to watch.  This will be okay.  I will be okay.  We will have a baby.

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