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SA and other thoughts…

My husband’s SA came back yesterday, so if you ever wanted to see a Japanese SA, here it is:

2016-04-08 08.27.39 (1).jpg

Don’t worry I’ll translate that for you.  The left is his test and the right are good numbers.  The first is amount of seminal fluid.  As you can see that’s much higher than average.  The second is sperm amount.  He’s got enough good swimmers.  The third is motility.  Again good.  The next one is progressive motility (AKA strongest and fastest swimmers).  Good again.  The next is morphology.  This one is 3.9/4 which is why you see a triangle and not a circle.  It’s almost at the number just 0.1% off.  The last one is white blood count which again is good.

So what does this all mean?  Well, it means my husband is fine.  His sperm are perfectly capable of creating healthy babies.  (He threw an “I told you so” in there for good measure.)  This is excellent news, of course, but it’s also scary news.  Now we know that he is fine, I fear I could be have a problem.  Of course, I know we’ve only been trying three months.  Of course, I know I’ve gotten pregnant before.  I could be perfectly fine (he insists upon it).  But there’s a slight nagging fear in the back of my head which won’t go away until I know for certain either by getting tests done or by actually getting pregnant (I hope its the latter).

Speaking of getting pregnant I’m currently at day 6 of this cycle’s TWW.  This cycle after ovulation my temperature shot up and was definitely not interested in associating with those low temps anymore.  My temps have maintained consistently high and level and there’s not been much zigzagging going on this cycle.  I can’t help but say, I’m feeling really hopeful this time.  I really want this to be it.  If this is it, I would likely spend my Christmas in labor which I don’t actually mind all that much.

I actually did this implantation calculator.  That’s how hopeful I’m feeling.  Plus, I’d like to know what days to look for possible signs of implantation.

2016-04-05 14.31.06.jpg

Today is April 8th in Japan but we’ve already passed CD 20 which was April 6th.  So far nothing has struck me as off or odd.  I’ve had occasional mild cramps but nothing off or unusual about them.  So I’m on day 6 of my LP which basically means six more days until I find out anything.  Please keep your fingers crossed for this cycle!


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