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On food…

My husband is currently pouting because he didn’t want to eat what I was making for breakfast, so I said I wasn’t cooking him breakfast then.  How very un-Japanese of me right?  He didn’t eat anything at all and now he’s gone to get his hair cut.  I think this is carry over from last night.

Last night neither of us were tired, so I asked him to lie in bed with me, and we could talk.  He started out saying that our kids were going to need to eat meat to make them strong because not eating meat makes you weak.  Yes, he said this.  Rewind.  I don’t eat meat.  (I hate labels of any kind, so you won’t hear me say “vegetarian” but that’s technically it.)  When we first got together my husband was crazy (read weird) about food.  He said he found it so sad that we couldn’t ever taste the same things and experience that together.  The longer we were together though the less meat he ate.  I didn’t force him to do this.  This was his choice.  He said he felt healthier the less meat he ate.  Last night after he said that we had a MAJOR disagreement.  He wouldn’t bend on anything.  While I was willing to compromise that fish and chicken (aka white meat) would be okay, he didn’t want to bend at all saying our children will absolutely be needing red meat too.  For real?  His final compromise was they only will eat it twice a week.  I don’t really consider this a compromise.

He wants to talk more about it today, but I don’t want to give anymore than I already have.  I would prefer our children not eat meat at all, so I think my concession is more than fair.  I don’t know what to do but this is really stressing me out.  The last thing I need right now is to be stressed out.  I’ve already cried enough about this.  I want it resolved but more than that I want him to understand my thinking that meat is just so horrible and so unhealthy not to mention cruel and unnecessary.

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