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Tuesday thoughts…

I’m 10DPO.  I took a pregnancy test this morning.  It was negative.  I’m not surprised.  I had thought 10DPO was a little early to test and HCG levels wouldn’t be high enough to detect.  I chucked it an went about my day.  At about 10AM I felt some pinching cramps on the right side not too dissimilar from ovulation (which coincidentally also occured on the right side).  My mittelschmerz was intense and I was moaning about during that time.  The sage women at Kindara said that maybe implantation was happening at that time.  Let’s hope so.

Implantation occurs anywhere from 3DPO to 12DPO.  Three days?!?!  Really?  Which superwoman has implantation at 3 days.  Super egg lady obvi.  Additionally implantation bleeding or spotting isn’t as common as I thought it was occuring in only 30% of women.

If this was implantation for me, I’m going to wait until 12DPO to take another test.  Hopefully, HCG will have begun to appear by that time and will be detectable on a test.  HCG is pretty slow moving doubling every 48 hours.  I hope something shows up 12DPO.  A faint positive is still a positive.  You can’t be sorta pregnant.  Nonetheless my temps are still high which means I’ve successfully escaped the 10 day LP.

This brings me to another topic related to pregnancy.  In speaking with an old coworker of mine tonight, he said I should quit my job and find a better one citing that I am way too overqualified for that job.  This is true.  I am way too overqualified for my current job.  However, I work part time only 14 hours a week and still take home a paycheck which is higher than my first full time job in Japan.  That, of course, can’t be beat.  Also, I can leave whenever I’m finished basically and can come in late (sometimes 10, sometimes 11).  These two things are awesome because I avoid rush hours on the train which can be a nightmare.  Last summer my best friend came to visit.  I told her I was fed up with a lot of crap that happened last year and I wanted to quit my job and look for a new one.  I also told her we wanted to try and start our family in January 2016.  She gave me some pretty good advice.  She said stick it out.  It’s better to leave a job you’re established at rather than one you’ve just started.  Also, once I’m pregnant I can leave my job and still collect some salary for a year.  Thank you Japan for your awesome maternity leave!  In addition, transfers at my husband’s work happen every February and September.  There’s always a chance I could be uprooted and would have to move to a different city which would force me to quit my job anyway.  This year we escaped the February transfers (though to be honest I would have preferred it so I could focus all my efforts on TTC and not have to worry about working).  However, I’ll continue to work and we’ll continue TTC (if this cycle doesn’t yield the coveted BFP that is).  I’ve also been saving money like a good girl.  I’ve not bought anything for myself besides food.  I really love shopping for clothes, but that’s so pointless because once I am fat with child those clothes won’t fit me anymore, so why bother?

My goodness this was a long post.  My brain is full of rambling thoughts tonight.  I guess it’s better than being overly consumed with AM I PREGGO?  Night.  Night.  I hope I have good news for you soon.

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