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On twins…

I see a lot of twins here in Japan.  This strikes me as odd because statistics say Asian people are less likely to conceive twins.  So why are there so many twins here?  I thought perhaps that IVF transferring more than one embryo  could result in an increase of twins, so I searched for it on the internet, and I came back with general articles on IVF in Japan.  In these articles I saw a slew of hateful comments aimed toward women having babies in their 40s, so I gave up and closed that window.  One comment that struck me as particularly awful was: “Have babies sooner.”  Yeah okay, first of all it’s not that easy to have babies at any given time, and secondly the PTB decided I would meet my soulmate when I was older.  I’m glad I didn’t have babies sooner as I would not have been content to be with any of the men I had ever been with before forever.  Now I am content to be with my husband forever.  Also, we are at an excellent place in our relationship.  It took work to get to this place (as all marriages take work anyone who tells you otherwise is a super mega liar), and now we are ready to start our family.  So shut up ignorant IVF internet commenters!  You don’t know my life!  (Or anyone else’s apparently.)

Oh yeah, this post was supposed to be about twins.  Oops.  I would LOVE to have twins.  My husband wants three children which I am happy to attempt to oblige.  Because I am 36 if I am able to conceive this year, I would ideally like to space babies 2 years apart.  This means I’d have my last baby at 40 if all goes according to plan.  Holy shit!  40 sounds so ancient especially to be nursing a baby and chasing toddlers.  (Now this is just my personal opinion, don’t get your panties in a wad.  If you want to have babies at 40 or over that’s your prerogative.)  However, if things don’t go according to plan and it takes us longer to conceive than I hope or there is some problem with me then that pushes back this timeline to having babies over 40.   Having twins of course would be a tremendous amount of work (isn’t having one baby anyway a lot of work?), but in terms of the timeline that would mean I’m finished in my 30s (that is if all goes according to plan).  To me this sounds glorious as having babies in my 40s really freaks me out.  (Again definitely not attacking over 40 mothers.)  It would be really great to have my whole family complete whilst still in my 30s.  Of course, I know that none of this is my choice and the PTB dictate how my life will be shaped.  However, I would like to think that there is hope for conceiving twins.

So I went to Google-sensei to read about conceiving twins.  First, it says take folate.  Well I’m taking folic acid and I read that’s not the same thing.  Crap.  Second have a maternal family history of twins.  None that I know of.  Crap.  Be old AF.  Sweet, got one down.  Be heavier.  Awesome finally something in my favor for unfortunately gaining weight while I was injured.  (And in case you’re wondering, no I’m not obese but I gained some weight while I was injured and I haven’t dropped it yet.  Also, there are women much much bigger than me getting pregnant all the time.)  Eat cassava.  Crap.  Hard to find in Japan.  However, I did find a distributor online which means I can maybe find some cassava chips here.  My husband is on the case.  Eat dairy.  Awesome.  I have a Greek yogurt daily.  Also, it said that maca and cal/mag can help with conceiving twins.  Sweet.  Already take all that.  Eat pineapple core.  Yeah I’m not doing that, so I bought some non-GMO Bromelain which is what pineapple core has in it.  Not only for twins but Bromelain is said to encourage implantation, and you only take it after Ov.  So it looks like according to the all knowing internet I have about a 50% chance of conceiving twins.  That is super cool, but you know I’d be happy with any number of babies (but I mean let’s not get crazy here thinking quads or quints).  It’s fun to think about pregnancy possibilities.  It’s more fun than obsessing over Ov or OPK or the TWW that’s for sure.

Crap I’ve been writing this blog for like an hour so I should probably start my day.  I have a Japanese lesson and acupuncture, so it’ll be a busy day!

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