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Blood bath…

Ah the things we do for TTC right?  Today was our blood donation day.  It was a long very Japanese process which my husband translated for me thankfully.  First you have to fill out a questionnaire.  Afterwards you consult with a doctor.  Then they take you to the preliminary draw where they do a basic blood type check.  This is where is gets interesting.  (Later it gets just awful, so stay tuned.)  My husband thought his blood type was A, and he said he thought mine was AB.  (Well, the internet cheapo test I bought said A positive so I know I’m not AB.)  The preliminary test said I was type A.  When the nurses tested his blood, neither of the antigens in the tray coagulated, so the nurses determined his blood type to be O.  This completely shocked my husband because he believed based on what his mother had told him that he was blood type A.  In Japan, a lot of people believe in a kind of blood type astrology.  In fact, when I’ve met people, they have often asked my blood type, and were surprised when I didn’t know it.  You can read more about it here if you know your blood type, just don’t read the comments because damn those people are a bunch of unnecessarily angry internet types.  Why they’re getting so angry about something like blood types when many Americans are almost the same about horoscopes is a mystery to me.

Anyway, after the preliminary test, you are told to drink something and then wait about five minutes until the blood time.  In the blood chair, I was prepared for a needle prick but I wasn’t prepared for the blood vacuum.  That’s right kids, they suck your blood out like a vacuum.  I went paler every time I felt the vacuum, so they reclined the chair for me.  After they gave me juice and wouldn’t let me get up until I finished it.  Once I finished the juice, I thought I’d be okay to walk back to the lounge and relax.  I made it to the table and while my husband was getting me a drink, I started to feel worse, so I put my head down on the table.  When my husband came back and asked if I was okay, I said, “no, I’m gonna vomit.”  The nurses brought a bag, and finally a wheelchair, so they could wheel me back to a bed.  However, while they were wheeling me back, they took the bag away.  Apparently, I couldn’t be trusted to hold it.  When I was almost back to the bed, I couldn’t hold my vomit either and puked all over myself and the floor.  At that point, I did what any rational human being would do, I started crying.  The entire time this was happening I had about 5 people at any given time talking to me a mile a minute in Japanese.  I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to speak your second language while sick, but I could barely speak my first language.  However, if you move to Japan, probably one of the first things you learn is 大丈夫。Without a question mark this means “I’m okay”.  Add a question mark, and it becomes “Are you okay?”  Japanese isn’t big on pronouns.  This is useful because if you’re sick you can either tell someone you are or are not okay.  However, beyond that good luck!  Back to me being not okay.  I got to lay down on the bed and I cried for a while at my husband.  “Why did they take the bag away?  They took the bag away,” I kept saying.  I wouldn’t have made a giant mess of the floor and myself had they just let me hold the vomit bag.  At that point, they put me on an IV which my husband called “super water”.  I had no clue what he was talking about, I was all like “hell yeah, bring on the super water!” albeit less enthusiastically.  I cried again at yet another needle being shoved into my skin.  My husband left me to go across the street to buy me some new clothes.  He came back with too tiny jeans.  I don’t wear jeans anymore and before he left I had told him my size, so he returned them and came back with a jumpsuit that fit me.  After the IV, they gave me some hot tea because my IV arm had frozen solid, and I was so cold.  I felt much better, but felt a million times better after changing out of the vomit clothes even though I managed to get it into my hair too and stank something fierce the way home.  Needless to say, although I am happy to save a life, I probably won’t be donating blood again.

After we came home and ate lunch, I decided to write this blog so I wouldn’t have to think about this mortifying experience anymore.  My husband decided he needed a nap and came to lay in the bed.  I got irritated because I was right in the middle of the blog and I have a no tech in bed rule.  I said I would get up and finish at the table (even though I was the one on a goddamn IV today).  He got all pouty, so we had an argument.  He thinks that my rule is stupid and I shouldn’t expect so much care because he made such a big huff about making me dinner (even though I make him dinner every weekend, but told him I didn’t feel like it today).  He says I shouldn’t, but I like to cook and it’s how I take care of people I love.  I’ve tried to explain this to him before.  Needless to say, this has not been the best of days.  I’d definitely like to catalogue this as one of my worst days.

I’m feeling so terrible emotionally, and it feels like the room is shaky.  I should have known this was not going to be the best of days when my dream last night consisted of me being pregnant and giving birth to a puppy that I later breastfed.  Like WTF?!?!  Is this what TTC dreams are gonna be like because no just no.  I woke up feeling icky.

Yesterday was not the best day either.  I had acupuncture.  Dr. Dickhead was not there again, and I learned it’s because Friday is his day off, so as I’m sure you already know my appointments will be on Friday from now until forever.  At the beginning of the session, my acupuncturist asked about my digestion.  I said fine which wasn’t true but was so relaxed I had forgotten about my earlier stomachache.  During the session, he put two needles in my back to stimulate blood flow to the ovaries.  Going in and coming out they really hurt, so I felt a little ugh.  He also said my kidney pulse was weak.  I read about this, and it said that a weak kidney qi can cause stomachaches as well as mess with your periods.  I had a funky period this cycle and a stomachache that day, so after reading that I was sold.  He gave me acupuncture to go which was a tiny short needle made into a sticker.  I accidentally ripped one off taking off my sock yesterday, but I still have the other one on, so I hope it sorts my kidney qi out.

Basically, my weekend went to shit pretty fast.  I’m meeting a fellow Kindarian tomorrow, so I hope this weekend turns itself around.  I literally cannot handle any more awful.

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