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No excitement today…

Wow!  I have almost 20 followers.  This is pretty damn amazing because I started writing this blog to cope with the heavy emotions TTC conjures up.  So far this seems to be working as I don’t spend my days moping about and weeping all the time.  However, I never thought that people would be interested in a silly and sometimes overly emotional girl trying to have a baby in Japan.  I guess some people are interested and for that I am ever grateful.

Yesterday, I reached out to one of my FB friends who happens to be a doula and asked her if she did any preconception care.  I was apprehensive about telling her because the more people who know the more people I have to deal with if things don’t go according to plan.  However, she is so kind and such a sweet person that I felt better after briefly talking with her yesterday.  I don’t know if there’s anything she can do, but I want to know that I am doing all I can while the clock mercilessly ticks away.

Meanwhile, everyone on Kindara seems to be in good spirits.  We’re all hoping for one squad member to get a BFP if not all of us.  I think it would be great if all of us got BFPs at the same time.  Then we could all mass exodus off Kindara to preggo apps.

In other news holy grapefruit juice BATMAN!  Here’s the deal with grapefruit juice.  One day I stumbled upon a Kindarian chart claiming that grapefruit juice does wonders for CM, so I went to the internet and casually drank it last cycle.  Nothing amazing happened and the internets had mixed reviews.  This cycle I started drinking one glass a day.  Okay, I’m here to say it works!  I’ve had more CM that ever and more than taking Evening Primrose Oil alone.  In fact, when the EPO is gone, I might not reorder more of it since grapefruit juice is working like magic.

Today is a holiday so I’m gonna watch TV and take an OPK test today since I got EWCM yesterday.  Here’s hoping this cycle ends in a BFP!

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