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Today’s stressors…

Long day at work today.  Really bad Japanese lesson (bad as in I couldn’t remember simple vocabulary let alone form sentences).  Forgot I was supposed to be OPK testing today and was sipping tea at my desk until 3PM.  I usually quit at 1:30PM on OPK days.  Upon arriving home I couldn’t hold it but I didn’t want to waste all that precious urine, so I tried to keep some back.  Thanks Kegels!  Meanwhile, at Starbucks during the lesson, I didn’t drink anything but just ate a donut (how terrible).  After my lesson, I bought a drink but refused to put in the straw until I peed in a cup at home.

Once home I collected my specimen and could finally enjoy that Cantaloupe Frapp.  You heard me: Cantaloupe.  It’s delicious.

My first test was the cheapo stick kind.  This is what I prefer and I’ll get to why shortly.  I deemed it positive, but I wanted to see whether the Clearblue would say high or peak.  Three tests went into the reader, and three tests were ejected due to an error.  Because I am stubborn as hell and wasn’t about to lose to a battery operated machine, I angrily shoved a forth test into it.  Finally, peak fertility.  (It might be interesting to note that in the two cycles I’ve been using the Clearblues, I’ve never collected a high fertility reading.  Last cycle I tested diligently with it.  This one only today.)

Here’s a picture of the damage:


All of these tests were tested with the same urine.  All the results look the same but the reader was only able to read one Clearblue.  What the heck?  These tests are about $40.  Yeah that’s insane first of all.  Seconday, I think they are designed to fail, so that you’ll keep buying more.  Ridiculous.  I know these work fine for some women, but many women have had problems with these.  I prefer the sticks because even though I have to interpret the line myself, I feel like I can do so with confidence based on experience.  Not like I can anyway (I mean I could buy them on eBay, but why?), but I won’t be purchasing these again.  I’ll stick to the cheapo sticks thank you very much.

Also, I’d just like to say TTC is stressful enough.  I don’t need the added stressors of faulty OPK too.

Any experiences with these you’d like to share?  Do tell.  I’m off to bed because I can barely keep my eyes open.


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