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Travel and other things about town…

When I first met my husband, he told me about a day trip he went on by himself.  This first made me sad and second made me feel like I wanted to travel with this man, so he wouldn’t be alone.  One thing that drew us together is a love of travel.   We both love to experience the beauty and culture of new places and traveling together quickly became one of our shared pastimes.  I say this as we are about to embark on another trip together as we just started a week long holiday in Japan.  This time we travel to Singapore.  I am filled with excitement and can’t wait to experience all the country has to offer with my favorite person by my side.

Last night though Prince Endymion and I had a bit of a disagreement on how to proceed with this TTC business.  There were tears from the princess (lots of tears) and lots of word vomit where I shared with him how I’m stung each time I see a pregnant woman or a baby.  Which is basically ALL.  THE.  DAMN.  TIME.  For reasons I don’t really want to get into, he threw in the towel and said we’re moving straight to IUI.  I reminded him I hadn’t had any tests that would indicate I need IUI.  He was done.  He said it’s too much pressure and then I kindly reminded him of how much pressure is on me and how much I have to do to try to have his children.  It was an awful night.  Though he did remind me of his love for me, I fell asleep deflated and exhausted.

This morning though he had changed his tune.  He’s like that, and he’s always been like that.  I should learn to wait out his decisions to see if they are final or not.

In other news, we got our blood types back.

IMG_2691 (1)

Mine is the top.  I’m A.  His is the bottom.  He’s O.  Both our Rh factor is プラス which translates to plus, so A+ and O+.  This means our children can only have A or O blood which I found interesting.  I was more concerned about the Rh factor, but since we are both positive, we’ll have no troubles there.  This also means that the preliminary tests that the blood center did were correct and my at home test was also correct.

In other other news, it looks like I had a temp spike today which means ovulation happened right on schedule.  I’ll knock off a good chunk of my TWW in Singapore but that also means no Singapore Slings for me.  I told the prince he wasn’t getting any either (alcohol that is).

I’ll check in with you upon my return to let you know how my TWW wait is going and if I’m feeling hopeful about this cycle or not.

Bon voyage!

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