A sad…

Today I had a sad.  The BFP sleigh came by with presents for people again this month.  However, it’s too early for it to stop at my house.  That could be the cause of the sad.  It could also be that I am no longer on vacation and I have to go back to reality after this weekend is over.  I’m trying not to dwell on the sad or overthink the sad.  Earlier I distracted myself by dedicating a shelf on my bookshelf to TTC.  Basically I had vitamins all over the place and my type A personality had had enough of it.  Also, who knows how long we’ll be at this.  I might as well be organized about it.


Doesn’t that look nice?  In addition to my supplement storage (both current and some stock), I’ve stored some (unopened) food there too.  Unfortunately, Japanese apartments lack adequate pantry space.  Unless you build a house yourself, you’re not going to even get a pantry at all.  I plan to remedy some of the storage issues our house is facing by getting rid of our old table which is round and bulky for a square and slightly smaller one.  Also, I want to buy Ikea’s Hemnes console table to hopefully solve some more storage issues.  We don’t have the space for a tall pantry.  Maybe this is pre-baby, pre-pregnancy nesting but I’m very dissatisfied with how our house looks so cluttered ALL.  THE.  TIME.

Later since I finished the book I’m going to finish the TV series 11/22/63 to further distract myself from the sad.  In truth despite the cheering from the lovely Kindara ladies, I’m not feeling that this cycle ends in a BFP.  My post Ov temps have been erratic.  I’m not stressed or disappointed about it.  Just meh.  Not feeling it.  I guess it helps that I spent the first half of my TWW on vacation.  If I could only do that every month…

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