It was a good day…

Today Prince Endymion and I ventured out to IKEA.  I had designs on buying a storage space that was on sale and a kitchen trolley.  Alas, things don’t always go as planned.  We left with a storage space albeit not the one we had orginally wanted.  This one we both decided was much cooler and took up less horizontal space and more vertical space.  All in all, we were both happy with it.  We also left with new drinking glasses and a new dining table and two chairs.  I had wanted to replace our old table which was stained and ill fitting.  We ended up with a cooler space saving collapsible table with drawers in the middle for hiding all sorts of things (most of all our TTC vitamins).

We left at 10AM.  It’s 10PM and we just finished tidying up.  I put together the chairs, and we both put together the table.  The storage space has not been assembled yet.  That’s our project for tomorrow.

On the way to IKEA I spoke to a doula.  She’s someone I’ve know for a long time, and she’s studying to become a midwife.  I reached out to her because I was hoping she could provide insight that I myself couldn’t see.  She didn’t disappoint.  Previously, she had looked at my charts and read my blog.  This time she asked me some questions and determined that my post-Ov temps are low albeit not alarmingly she said, and this might be a sign of low progesterone after she determined that I didn’t have estrogen or testosterone dominance.  She first recommended I get off the separate B vitamins and get on a B complex, so I would be getting a more even amount of B vitamins.  She also suggested I start taking myo-inositol.  Finally, she recommended a bio-identical progesterone cream.  I didn’t know this until she told me, but bio-identical means that it’s the same as what your body naturally produces.  Needless to say, I ordered all the vitamins (which will be here in about a week) and the cream (which I have no idea when it will arrive as I had to order it from a US website).  As long as it arrives before my TWW starts (as the TWW is when I’ll use it) I’m good.  I’m so happy I spoke to her that I totally cried.  This time it was happy tears.  I’m moving forward in this cycle feeling really great.  I’m positive and hopeful, and I can’t wait to see how everything works out.

Now if you’ll excuse me this princess needs to crash because she’s exhausted.  Good night!

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