The weekend…

Because this week has been hellacious (at work: tons of work to do, working from home and at home: not seeing my husband, general TTC stress), I had been looking forward to Friday, my day off.  Unfortunately, Friday didn’t go as planned and neither today.

Friday I had to go in to work to check on something.  So 40 minutes there and back while I only stayed for 10 minutes.  After I rushed to get home, take a shower and then go to my Japanese lesson which I royally sucked at because I was so exhausted from the week and all the running around.  After, I had a quick lunch and stopped at Uniqlo to buy some pants and then it was off to my acupuncture appointment.  At the beginning of each session my acupuncturist asks me how I’m doing.  Friday was no different.  Only when he asked, I broke down in tears.  I word vomited all the stress I had been feeling all over him.  “Ok,” he said, “Let’s do a relaxation treatment today.”  Afterward, I felt worlds better but then I had to go home, clean the house, wait for IKEA delivery, attach IKEA door, finish making stuff for a get together that night, wash the dog who decided to lie in pee, and then shower myself.  I got everything done except make the guacamole and wash myself.  Later it was just a bunch of girls sitting around drinking, eating and playing cards (so that was relaxing finally).

Saturday was fine.  We ate breakfast, got my fish oil prescription renewed, went to the store, ate lunch and then had a really nice dinner.

Today I planted the (balcony) garden with tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and beans.  I hope they grow.  After we had decided to go to the farmer’s market, but I had asked Prince Endymion to wait until noon so I could take an OPK.  At about 11AM, the dog decided to poo out some blood.  (I swear having a dog is pretty damn close to having a kid.)  Whenever the dog has some issue the prince and I make a great team.  I usually grab the dog and make sure she’s okay, and my husband usually cleans up the mess.  This time I cleaned half and he cleaned half (since she messed in two places), and he took pictures of it to show the doctor.  After, we headed to the doctor’s office, and the doctor checked her and sent her home with some medicine.  Now she’s snoring on the bed, and the prince has gone off to a café to work.  While I did get to see my husband and spend some time with him, it was not the relaxing day I had hoped for, so yeah just like having a kid.

Today’s OPK was negative but the line was considerably darker, and I’ve had EWCM, so I’ll expect Ov within the next few days.  The rest of the day is a rest day.  We’ll eat dinner and go to sleep and then start the week all over again.  Sigh.  I want my weekend back.

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