My mood has improved.  The prince and I have reconciled.  All is well in our moon kingdom.  Today, I had a day off work.  I lounged around watching TV, made some food, ate ice cream, and went to the grocery store.  That was probably the most stressful thing I did all day.  It was nice.  I can’t help but think how easy TTC would be if I didn’t have a job.  Alas, I do still have to work.  Unfortunately.

Meanwhile, it’s almost June.  This means our deadline is coming up.  The prince and I decided to have fertility tests done at 6 months.  Our 6 month deadline is July.  I looked at the website today, and to be honest I got a little scared.  I don’t know anything about fertility testing.  I’m scared to go and have the tests done.  What will they show?  It’s just a little fear.  It’s not an overwhelming stressful fear.  Of course, I will suck it up and call the clinic…soon.

I’ve had some cramping today.  Is Ov coming?  Still a negative OPK and my temps are all over the place.  Up two days, down the next two, up again.  Could it be the alcohol?  It seems like I’ve had more this cycle than previous cycles.  No temps high enough for OV yet.  Also, no progesterone cream yet.  I hope it gets here soon.

Nothing much exciting to write about.  I’m fine with that.  I’ve had enough “excitement” to last the remainder of this cycle.  I’d only like calm ocean waves from now on since the storm seems to have passed.

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