Some good things…

Wow, today was an interesting day!  The universe threw some good things at me, but I’m left conflicted.

  1. Last night I edited.  Today I wrote.  I wrote and wrote, and I was filled with stories. My paper children came to life once again.  It was beautiful, and I was filled with joy.
  2. Acupuncture was great.  I’m continually astounded how he personalizes my treatments, and no two are alike.
  3. Finally, a friend of mine offered me a job as a nanny (she had a baby last year, an oops baby nonetheless).  Now you know, I hate my job.  I’m often overly stressed.  I want to quit.  Legally I can.  I just have to give them notice.  However, I don’t want to burn any bridges since I’ll probably be working in this country for some time and references are always good especially if I need to find work again after maternity leave (yes, I’m going to get PG any day so shut it).  So that’s one option.  I say fuck off to them and pack my bags and quit.  Second option is I totally lie to them and say my husband’s been transferred though I’m not sure how that lie would play out, and I’d hate to get caught.  My third option is to take the job a couple times a week.  The third option may cause me more stress, and you know I have a dog who I’d have to leave for a long period of time one day a week.  Regardless, I’d have to shift around my Japanese lessons and acupuncture (which would be easier to do if I didn’t have my other shitty job, you hear me PTB!).  I’m not going to quit acupuncture, and I have two Japanese teachers.  I don’t want to quit either but I might have to quit one if I take this nanny gig.  There’s also that lingering hope that spending my days with a baby will kick my ovaries in to high gear!  Fingers crossed.  😉

Please give me some advice!  (I’m a Libra so making decisions is not my forte.)

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