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On supplements and the past…

I’m currently dying.  I am so sick.  So sick.  Here’s what happened.  I started taking some new supplements.  I started taking all of them at the same time, so I don’t know which one is making me sick.  I have diarrhea every single day.  Every day. That’s not normal.  It’s not okay.  I feel terrible.

Here are the new ones:

Milk Thistle

Women’s Best Friend



B-Complex 100

If you have any similar experience with any of the above please let me know.  The internet was less than helpful here.  Also, I feel so sick that I didn’t really do a thorough search.  It’s taking me forever just to write this.

In related supplement news, I’m feeling like I want to back off the supplements.  I will still take prenatals, cal/mag, fish oil, and maca (because I have noticed increased energy.  I had already decided to stop the DHEA once its finished.  I think I can get away with stopping others.  I seem to be having regular cycles.  I ovulate.  I haven’t noticed any super awesome positives with what I’ve been taking besides what I mentioned above.  My LP is my biggest concern (well and stress) but I’ve been taking steps to attempt to lengthen it (and reduce the stress).

If you have any experience with taking or stopping supplements I’d like to hear them.

In other news I’ve not been able to write much.  I’ve had a crisis of past.  The past crept up and reminded me that although I have no more gaping wounds, my soul bears many scars.  Thanks no thanks MySpace blogs.  There were many things buried in the deep recesses of mind that in my current life carried no weight.  However, I dragged that weight out of the closet, and I’m being crushed by it.  Nonetheless, I feel like I’m much better equipped to maneuver my characters through their tumultuous landscape.  Therefore, I am overburdened.  And perhaps all great writers suffer.  Even though I’m not calling myself a great writer…yet.  But I want to be well-loved or at least I want to be read.  Fear not, dear readers!  I don’t feel overly-stressed.  Perhaps a bit overly-emotional but that’s only an amplified version of my day to day existence.  I am by nature an emotional person and sometimes overly so.  I’ll fight this battle with words, and I’ll come out the victor.

Until next time,
Princess Serenity


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