Last night I had trouble sleeping. I had a strange dream, but really it was a nightmare.  There was a family dinner, but my family looked vastly different.  All my family members were black or African American (I don’t wanna offend anyone here). Some Asian people were arranging us for a photo.  Suddenly my “mom” and I went to go look for something in a small white church.  We were walking and walking and walking and then we walked back but not to the family dinner restaurant.  We ended up in a large field and suddenly it’s raining.  One man (maybe a family member?) is shooting people.  There is blood everywhere.  Blood and rain mixing together.  Fucking dark.

I had to consult a dream dictionary for this one.  Dream Dictionary says “To dream that you see or hear shooting, signifies unhappiness between married couples and sweethearts because of over-weaning selfishness, also unsatisfactory business and tasks because of negligence.”  Ok…

About blood it says “To dream of a violent scene where blood appears indicates that we are being self-destructive in some way.”  Ok…

About rain it says “In its simplest meaning, rain stands for tears and emotional release. We may have been depressed with no way to release our feelings in everyday life. Rain in dreams often becomes the first realization that we can let go and rain in a woman’s dream can suggest the sexual act and the release that that brings.”  Ok…

Now I’m just more confused.

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