The Novel


I swear this novel writes itself sometimes, and other times it refuses to write anything.  Today a smooth 1000 words poured out of me, and finally the two characters I had promised to kill are dead.  However, that puts the rest of my characters in a rather troublesome spot.  Now, I have to sit on that for a while and think about how to get them out of their troubles.  I have some ideas, but I don’t know how it’s all gonna play out yet.

I tend to just sit down and stare at the screen until words come out.  Sometimes I get distracted by TV or Youtube videos, but when the words come they come in torrents and I can’t nor do I want to stop them.  It’s a beautiful but sometimes painful process.  Of course, I feel fearful.  I hope people will like and read what I write, but I can’t really worry about that now.  I have to finish the thing first!

RIP my darlings.  I’m sorry your life on paper was so short.  I hope death brings you the peace you never had in life.

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