Activate freak out mode…

So I just finished crying because I may have done something stupid.  Two days ago my temperature dropped so I thought AF was gonna show up the next day.  It didn’t but I had another low temperature.  When I look at my chart now I can see that both those low temps were still above the cover line.  However, last cycle I had two low temps and then AF.  Today, my temp took a jump.  The problem is (the dumb thing I did) that I stopped using progesterone cream two days ago because I was expecting AF.  I just read that is bad, and if you’re pregnant, stopping the cream early can cause a miscarriage.  Great.

I’m 13DPO which has only happened once before and it was a fluke.  This morning I took a PG test.  It looked like there was a very very faint line on the cheapo strip, so I took a First Response test.  There was no line there.  I put the test in a box and went about my day.  I forgot about it.  I thought I should throw it away so my husband doesn’t see it so I got it out of the box.  There was a very faint line there.  I showed it to my husband.  He agreed.  There was a super faint line, but he said it’s not conclusive.  Now it could be an evaporation line.  No line showed up initially (after 3 minutes).  I’ve currently not had any cramps or AF symptoms besides the glorious diarrhea.  (BTW I did take pics but you can’t see anything in the photos even using a test checker app.)

So what should I do?  Am I fucked?  Did I accidentally abort my baby?  I feel so dumb and super stressed out.

I’ll use the progesterone cream tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll see what happens with my temp or if AF shows up.  Meanwhile, what should I do?  I mean besides beat my head against the wall.  I feel like I’m gonna throw up (not due to morning sickness just due to stupidity).

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