Life · Miscarriage


This morning my temperature plummeted to 36.50. I wasn’t going to test this morning but I did after that temp. Even after hours there was no line. I took that tests and the four previous positive tests and threw them in the garbage. I didn’t want to look at them when I got home from stupid work. 

Meanwhile I’m having mild PMS type cramps. After speaking with my doula this morning, two things could possibly be happening. 

  1. I’m having an ectopic pregnancy. 
  2. I’m having a chemical pregnancy. 

I seriously hope it’s the latter. As much as I don’t want another miscarriage, I can’t prevent it from happening and it’s much much less severe than an ectopic. 

I have no feelings. I just want answers. After I have answers, I can have the feelings. I am numb. At least there is stupid work to keep me busy. Please keep me in your thoughts or prayers if you swing that way. And please please, PTB, please be kind to me. 

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