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Hi everyone.  I’ve been a bit aloof lately both here and on Kindara.  There are reasons for this.  My first reason was as well you know I had another fucking miscarriage, so I wanted to be left alone.  I don’t know, you guys.  I just had to deal with this my own way which meant alcohol and lots and lots of TV.  Speaking of TV “Orange Is the New Black” S4 premiered, so that kept me busy and distracted and away from this blog and Kindara.

Another thing that’s kept me quite busy is that one of my coworkers is in the hospital with something severe.  I’m not sure what as it’s pretty hush hush.  They’re doing a battery of tests on her.  This means that in addition to my job, I have to do her job as well, and we don’t do things the same way which is causing me some stress.  I come home and watch TV and have passed out in front of the screen almost every day this week.  It’s not been fun.  I’ve not written a word in days, and I’m not happy about it either.

In other news, my husband has been working late every single day this week and last.  He’s even got to work this weekend so there goes our QT.  Let’s see what else?  The dog has been sick.  We’ve taken her to the doctor the past two weekends.  She seems to be on the mend now, but that’s been an added stress.

I decided to end last cycle with an AF treat yo’self.  I had decided to get another tattoo (9 for me now).  You might remember the altercation we had about it here.  I hadn’t decided what I would do if I was still PG, but I had made the appointment before I had found out I was.  When I miscarried, the universe answered that question for me, and I went ahead and got it.  Now I’ve got the bug again and want oh so many more!  I told my husband he’d better knock me up if he wants to prevent me from getting another.  We’ll see how that goes as I’ve not seen him recently.  (Sorry no tattoo pics for you as I’m trying to remain as anon as possible.)

If you feel so inclined, take a look at the Charts and the Supplements pages as I’ve updated those.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated during the FP and the wonderful world of OPK and “where the hell is my Ov?” because I know you’re dying to read about all that shit.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Princess Serenity

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