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Not my lucky number…

Hi!  Guess who’s not PG?  If you guessed me, you’d be correct! However, I’ve been quite busy.  Prince Endymion’s birthday was recently, so we went to Gifu.  One of the most famous things in Gifu is 白川郷 which is a small village in a small mountain valley.  It looks magical in winter, but it’s pretty in summer too.


It’s famous for the houses with thatched roofs.  We stayed at a traditional Japanese hotel and lounged around in yukata and had our own private bath in the room.  It was lovely!  However, during this time (of course not everything can be perfect) my temperature plummeted.  And the next day we were watching a TV program about albatrosses.  Japanese scientists relocated some young albatrosses in hopes that they would return to this spot and nest.  Of course, they did and when that baby albatross was born, I wept.  You know if you read this blog that I often post my fears and worries about being pregnant and having babies, but deep down I really do want babies.  Otherwise, this whole blog would be a silly endeavor.  So of course, I feel disappointed when it doesn’t happen.  I am probably the only person in the history of chemicals not to fall pregnant the following cycle (at least I feel that way).  Truth be told, we had some timing issues and the timing of things just wasn’t on our side.  I was tremendously sad and had even saved maternity sewing patterns in the hopes that this would be it.  Everyone said “Oh I got PG immediately after a chemical” and I wanted to scream at those people “WELL I DIDN’T!” and then cry some more.

Now I’m going to drink some more alcohol, get some more tattoos (appointment on Saturday!) and try not to remember how much TTC completely fucking sucks a bag of dicks.  I’m gonna try to forgot how shitty dehydrating yourself is and how awful planning sex on a schedule is.  Seriously, not fun.  There are more fun things in life than TTC.  Can we just have a damn baby already?  Can we just have twins and be done with it?  I feel like such a Debbie Downer here.  I can’t hide my feelings from the blog though.  It’s the only place where I can let them out.

In other news, I updated the Charts page with #7 on it.  Obviously, 7 isn’t my lucky number.  Things are looking good in my lady parts area.  As I run out of certain vitamins, I won’t be buying some more.  I’ll run out of L-Arginine next week, but now looking at the benefits, I decided to buy some more.  I’ll run out of Ubiquinol soon.  That I won’t replace.  Also, my acupuncturist is leaving the clinic at the end of the month.  I’m super sad because I really like him.  He’s very kind.  My husband says I can ask him if he’s going to a different clinic.  You can’t do that in America because they don’t want doctors who are leaving poaching clients.  That’s what happened when my OBGYN left.  I had to track her down.  Thank goodness for the internet!

I guess that’s all the news fit to print.  AF is still here.  I hope she fucks off soon so we can try again.  I’m off to have dinner with some girl friends, sing karaoke, and drink some alcohol.

Princess Serenity

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