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Pokémon Go saved our marriage…

Did you click on that?  Great title, isn’t it?  Truth be told our marriage was not in any grave danger.  Yes, we still have fights.  Yes, TTC is fucking hard.  But at the end of the day yes, we are still crazy in love with each other.

Enter Pokémon Go which was released on July 21st, 2 weeks after its US release.  I sat by scowling at Facebook as I watched my friends in the US play while I, when the app was open, looked at a sea of nothing (no Pokéstops, no nearby Pokémon, no gyms, nothing).  Finally, it came to Japan and I started playing while the prince, who couldn’t download the app without wifi, sat by scowling at me.  As soon as we got home that night, he downloaded the app and I helped him start with Pikachu.  That weekend we walked around out neighborhood catching Pokémon and laughing and generally having a great time.  We did that both Saturday and Sunday.  The next weekend was the same running around in the morning and in the evening trying to catch Pokémon.  We were exhausted but we were so happy.  We were having a blast.

You see Pokémon Go gave us a shared interest of which we don’t have many besides food and travel (the latter not coming cheap you know).  Prince Endymion prefers Japanese TV while I thrive on American TV.  He like watching shitty horror movies and documentaries while I’ll take a superhero movie any day.  I like reading silly comics and fiction while he reads Yahoo News.  Having these differences makes us unique, but it’s great to have something to share.  Plus, we joined the same team (Mystic in case you’re wondering), so we are essentially working together and not against each other.

Recently, Niantic has removed the tracking function on the app and third party trackers have been shut down as of July 31st.  Both of these things make Pokémon harder to find, but I still enjoy playing.  However, I would like Niantic to reinstate tracking with an upgraded platform.  Some of the most fun we had playing Pokémon Go was trying to catch rarer Pokémon before they despawned.  It was a blast.  Of course, we’ll still play together.  I love that we have this shared interest now with tracking or without.

In other news, I’m really annoyed by TTC this cycle.  This week I started OPK which I hate because I hate dehydrating myself especially when it’s hot as fuck and I just wanna drink everything.  I literally hate everything before the TWW.

However, this weekend I saw a rare beautiful rainbow.  It’s only the second time I’ve seen one in 4 years of living here.


I’m gonna take this as a sign.  Maybe my rainbow baby is coming soon.  I hope so because TTC is such bullshit.

Princess Serenity

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