Where is ovulation? Really…

So hi, here I am.  It’s day fucking 25 and still no ovulation.  Rewind to yesterday morning where I’m crying in our hotel room about how hard TTC is and wondering if we’re ever gonna have a baby.  It could just be that I was really sad that our vacation was over.  It could also be that TTC is really really fucking hard.

I am not happy to be honest.  Not counting my starter cycle, this is my longest cycle ever.  I am so scared that this might be an anovulatory cycle and then what?  I’ve never experienced this before.  Everything has been somewhat regular.  Twice I’ve had right side cramping (which usually happens before Ov) but nothing came of it the first time.  It started again yesterday, so I had hoped I’d see a temp jump today.  Not the case.  This morning’s temp was still low.  Also, I’ve had to miss 2 acupuncture appointments because I was traveling yesterday and last week they had no openings.  I’m worried not going to acupuncture is the reason why I haven’t ovulated yet.  Basically, if there is a worry to be had out there, I have it.

I’m really really freaked out.  Since returning from vacation I started OPK again.  Yesterday, there was a line but not as dark as the control and I was afraid I’d missed Ov.  Well, no temp jump yesterday showed that I probably didn’t miss it.  It just hasn’t happened yet.  Where is Ov?

Well fuck.  I just googled anovulatory cycles and some look like mine.  Please please please Ov, please come soon.  Worst case scenario, I have acupuncture on Friday and I can tell my new acupuncturist that Ov needs to get the fuck here soon.  I am so tired of TTC and facing new and different problems each cycle.  Everything absolutely sucks right now.


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