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About acupuncture…

My initial thought was that when I got pregnant that I would quit acupuncture.  Yesterday, I realized after two weeks off that I really missed it, and I think I’d like to continue it indefinitely.  I’m sure I mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again that my acupuncturist who I’ve been going to for six months or so took a job working with old people and left the clinic at the end of July.  I was shuffled to another acupuncturist, but because his schedule is so busy and we were traveling, I couldn’t get an appointment until yesterday.  That was two weeks off acupuncture.  That’s as of today a 32 day cycle so far with no ovulation to speak of.  At this point I’m pretty much like fuck this cycle.  I don’t care about ovulation I just want something to happen (period, ovulation, an anvil whatever).  I will admit it has been nice not worrying about whether I should be drinking alcohol or not.  Oh shit, got sidetracked.  I was talking about acupuncture.

Yesterday was my first appointment with my new acupuncturist.  He’s very different from my last guy who was quiet and soft spoken.  My new guy is super 元気 which is English generally means happy, lively, energetic.  I told him about my problem (no ovulation), and he was like cheering for us “Let’s get this ovulation!”  And when he hit me with an ovary needle (those are by far the worst kids) he was all “Nice!”  I’m chuckling about it now.  In addition, he has a fantastic laugh.  I tend to think a mark of a good person is the awesomeness of their laugh.  His is up there.  Needless to say I am very happy with my new guy and so so glad to be back in the acupuncture saddle again.

Well, the bad news is that yesterday’s treatment didn’t have immediate effect, and I didn’t ovulate last night as I had hoped.  Oh well, I guess I can continue enjoying alcoholic beverages.  WTF this cycle can in the words of Dean Shanks “suck it.”

2 thoughts on “About acupuncture…

  1. I love my acupuncturist. I don’t even care if it is making a difference physically. It makes a mental difference. I feel rejuvenated after. I think I get better results, at least I believe I do. I think have the battle with infertility is mental so why not utilize something that helps me mentally?

    It’s funny because I don’t like needles, but I like acupuncture?


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