Full circle…

Stephen King (one of my favorite authors) says that Ka (essentially life) is a wheel.  The wheel will spin (as wheels do) and cover new ground as it traverses but it will always end up at the place it started turning.  Think of it this way.  If you mark an X on a bicycle tire (with one of those cool silver or gold Sharpies) and you ride your bike all over the neighborhood.  You will have gone many places right?  But the X will keep coming back to say the top of the tire right?  That’s what he means.  Life is one big circle and while you may go new places and experience new things life will come back around again to a starting point.  The way you interpret this starting point, I think, is entirely up to you.  I’ve noticed a lot of wheel spinning recently in my life.  Now I think we’ve come full circle.

When I started working at my job two and a half years ago, I met my boss, and there was no one else there except for two girls.  One ended up being Nemesis, the AC hating girl who drove me nuts and the other ended up being a really cool Marvel loving chick who always got so excited about new movies coming out.  They were the first two people I met aside from my boss.  When I left yesterday, they were the last two people I saw at the office.  Full circle.

The first place I hung out with my new work mates was a British pub a couple stations over.  That was the place where we went last night.  The first people I ever hung out with outside of work were all there plus a couple new faces.  Full circle.

One of the first people I hung out with and became friends with outside of work, Artemis, was there to send me off.  Full circle.

But the best and most emotional moment happened at the end of the night.  You may remember me talking about my favorite colleague, Motoki.  You can reread about it here if you so wish.  On Wednesday, I got him a card and a small present.  The card was full of thanks.  Thank you for always supporting me.  Thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for talking with me.  Finally, I reminded him to take care of himself.  This last week at work we’ve talked a lot.  We talked about how our line of thinking always coincided.  We talked about health and family first.  We talked about our job.  Last night we drank (alcoholic) smoothies together.  We laughed and talked.  He sang me a special song at karaoke.  We ended up on the same train just one line separating us.  He walked me to my station gate, and I (already well beyond blubbering at this point) thanked him again for everything. Motoki was the first person I truly liked as more than just a casual acquaintance but as a friend.  He was the first person at this job that I talked with serious things about.  I confided in him and he was always there to lift me up.  Last night while I sobbed at the station, he sent me off with a big smile.  I’ll remember that always.  Full circle.  We parted ways and I came home and cried into Prince Endymion’s arms and told him I was so very sad.

I sent Motoki a message later which said: “Of course you know I am so sad to leave tomorrow but I’m actually very happy that you were the last person I was able to see. When I think of you, I will always think of your cool laugh and of your hair that was always wind styled differently. You were and always will be a great friend to me. I think maybe I cannot say it enough. Thank you so much for coming tonight having a smoothie with me and for singing special songs.”

To which he replied “Yes, that’s me. I have cool laugh and everyday-different hair. As I get older, I might change but inside of me won’t change an inch. I am here to be your friend forever. I won’t forget the days of our time at XXXXXX and tonight’s party. Good night and have a safe moving tomorrow. I already miss you.”  The best part about this was it reads exactly like he sounds. 

I figured I couldn’t write this without crying.  If you read this blog, you know that I complained many times about how stressful my work was and that is the honest truth.  However, I was able to work with some really amazing people (Nemesis excluded).  I am fortunate enough to call some of those people my friends.  I am totally and completely wrecked by this move but I will heal.  I will make new friends and maybe eventually get a new job, but I will never ever forget the people who made me love the place I live, the people I will always roll back to and always call my friends.

Sad Princess Serenity

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