Day 95…

I forgot to feed my dog this morning.  What kind of mother would I be?  To be fair the prince also forgot.  Parents of the year.  In our defense, she eats twice a day and we fed her at lunch time (instead of breakfast) today, so she’s in no danger of dying.  We were just in danger of having one annoyed pup.  The reason we forgot is we were in a hurry to shove off so we could eat breakfast.  That’s totally selfish right?

Then at breakfast we got into a fight and Endymion got unnecessarily angry at me because he viewed my expressing my feelings as complaints.  I said I was lonely.  He thought I was complaining.  I said I want more time from him sometimes and not working all night and no not coming to bed.  He said he’s got a promotion now so he has more work to do.  He thinks I don’t understand this.  I said he still has a choice in the matter.  No choice!  He proclaimed.  All in all it was a super productive fight.

He thinks I don’t understand that his job is the reason we have nice things or can go on vacations.  Oh I get it.  We have a good life.  We have a nice house full of nice stuff.  But it’s still just stuff, and as I ever so gently reminded him lost time can never be reclaimed.  He’s also been trying to guilt me lately about going to America for so long even though I cleared it with him before I even bought plane tickets.  He claims he’ll be the one lonely.  Sure, he won’t have me to annoy the ever lovin’ crap out of him but he has colleagues and his family lives 30 minutes from us now.  Also, a ton of his friends live here.  I think he’ll survive for 2 months.  While I’ll have a short time with my family and friends (who I only see once a year), I’ll still come back to nothing once I come back.  Just one husband who’s sometimes home and sometimes comes to bed at night.  And one really stubborn pup.

Then he expressed his annoyance at the fact that I’m looking for work.  He said he thought I was going to take time off and work on having a baby.  First of all, we never discussed me taking extended time off.  I reminded him that any job I take won’t start until the fiscal year (April 2017) and also that things have changed.  I never expected to have a 95 day cycle.  How can I try to have a baby if I’m not ovulating or having a period?  The answer is I can’t.  I’m not magical.  I can’t will a baby in there.  Sigh.

In other news, Motoki wrote me the most lovely letter of recommendation.  He mentioned things in there that I had forgotten about that made me a little nostalgic.  I told him I’d get him to come to my new city one way or another to which he replied: “I’m looking forward to it.”  Additionally, Minako and a group of my friends are planning a trip here some time next year.  I think that’s just wonderful.  It’s good to know I am loved.  So maybe things can’t be peachy keen right now but the future looks peach-full.

Princess Serenity


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